Paske shares values of Friends With Jesus Ministries at Lions Club

Published 3:21 pm Friday, May 24, 2019

Josh Paske, development director for Friends With Jesus Ministries in Bainbridge and Donalsonville, updated the Bainbridge Lions Club Wednesday on the many services they provide for Christian youth and adults.

Paske said that those ministries include Friendship House which befriends children and youth in the communities and provides them with a safe place to study, learn, play, grow and be led to a personal friendship with Jesus Christ, and the Refinery which restores hope through an enterprise that values the discarded and a light that offers peace.

Paske said that he is very proud when his Friends With Jesus Ministries students receive their high school diplomas.

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“Our mission at the Refinery, which is one of four ministries, is to create something beautiful and pure from recycled products, to invest in the potential of our women and to be a light in our community.”

Paske said that the women of the Refinery possess the potential to be a light in our community.

Paske also pointed out that Still Waters, another Friends With Jesus Ministry, is a temporary home for displaced women and their children, which offers them a safe space with faith-based principles to facilitate transition back into their community.

“Our mission at Still Waters is that each woman leaves with an affordable place to live, and income to support herself and an understanding of God’s love,” said Paske. “We also provide transition support and strategic planning.”

Paske thanked the Bainbridge Lions Club members for their sponsorship of a beach trip for the Friendship House youngsters each summer.

“The beach trip that you Bainbridge Lions Club members provide for us with each summer is tremendously enjoyed by all of our youngsters.

Jane Forsyth, the wife of the late former Bainbridge High School Bearcats head football coach Prescott Forsyth, originally started the Friendship House ministries by delivering food and snacks to local children and sharing Bible study with them. Following his presentation Bainbridge Lions Club president Michael Jarrett gave Paske a $250 check for his ministries.