Lady Cats soccer wraps up season on a high note against Dooly County

Published 4:01 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Bainbridge High School Lady Cat varsity soccer team finished the season on a strong note, by defeating the Dooly County High School Bobcats 8-0 Last Thursday at Centennial field.

Bainbridge took a 1-0 lead on a goal by Freshman Midfielder Aubrey Hill in the 25th minute. Junior Midfielder Jamiya Brinson set up the scoring play with a nice through pass to Hill, who then tapped in a crossing shot from 7 yards out.

The Lady Cats scored both their second and third goal in the 29th minute, as Junior Midfielder Taylor Emmons scored on both occasions.

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The second goal was a result of Brinson lofting a corner kick to Emmons, who to headed the ball into the goalmouth,  but it deflected off of a defender and back to her, whereas she sent in the scoring shot from 4 yards away.

Freshman Defender Abi Surratt sent a pass to Emmons to the top corner of the penalty area, that She then shot and scored from 18 yards away.

Bainbridge scored their fourth goal on a shot by Brinson in the 39th minute to close out the first half scoring. The Dooly County Goal Keeper sent a goal kick out from her penalty area that was intercepted by Brinson who took a couple of dribbles and then shot, scoring from the top of the penalty area.

In the 58th minute Bainbridge again scored two more goals as Senior Forward Mabry Grace Briggs and Brinson both scored to give Bainbridge a 6-0 lead.

Brinson again had a hand in the score as she intercepted a goal kick and tapped a pass to Briggs who scored from 17 yards out in the center of the penalty area for Bainbridge’s fifth goal..

Just after the Kick off an alert Brinson intercepted a pass and dribbled to the right side of the Lady Bobcat Penalty area, cutting the ball back and  shooting and scoring from 18 yards away.

The final two Lady Cat scores came in the 64th and 66th minute on by goals by Brinson and Freshman Midfielder Evelyn Mach.

The ball hawking Brinson intercepted another goal kick and broke into the Dooly County Penalty area shooting and scoring from 12 yards out.

Junior Midfielder Sandy Baker lofted a corner kick to Emmons who headed the ball forward to Mach, who turned and shot, scoring from 6 yards away.

Sophomore Keilaya Pryor, along with Brinson and Emmons shared goalkeeping responsiblities to preserve a shutout for the Lady Cats.

Brinson, Emmons, Briggs, Mach, Hill, Surratt, and Baker all played well in the contest but were also joined by their teammates in the victory

Those contributing in a fine team effort for Bainbridge were Juniors: Ashton Brock, Noelle Tyre, Mackenzie Pickle, Genesi Martinez and McKenna Stegall, Sophomores: Pryor, Britney Lopez, Sarah Victor, and Jennifer Pascual.  And Freshmen: Maroree Inlow, Anna Kate Littleton, and Reece Conley.

Bainbridge finished the season on a three game winning streak and finished with a 8-9 record.