As fiscal year wraps, hospital looks to build on positives

Published 9:44 am Monday, April 22, 2019

Memorial Hospital and Manor Authority met Tuesday, April 16 and welcomed representatives from Xtend, the company that absorbed the billing department and medical records, along with those employees on January 1, 2019. They gave a positive progress report on their first quarter with the hospital, indicating it is a big improvement over when they began, but there is still much to do.

The Authority was scheduled to vote on a proposed budget at this meeting, but due to the fiscal year ending March 31, additional work was required and it was not ready for review. An abbreviated financial key indicator was distributed, but again, it was not complete. CEO Jim Lambert indicated there were adjustments to be made that accurately reflect figures before closing out the fiscal year.

The nominating committee presented a slate recommending retention of existing officers and the board voted to accept it.

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There was discussion about the existing contract with Envision Healthcare for staffing the emergency department. The board passed a motion to explore other options for staffing the Emergency Department.

In matters of program growth, Lambert commented on the medical detox program that opened April 2, saying so far two patients have been admitted and he felt they were off to a good start, but needed to do more marketing of the program

The wound healing and vein center is moving along. Renovations of the building are nearly complete with the exception of new flooring. Equipment and furniture have been ordered and Dr. Walker and Dr. Myers are taking additional training. Plans are to open the first two weeks of June.

Lambert said he had received an inquiry from the FSU Medical School asking the hospital to provide a tour of the hospital for their incoming class of medical students and physician assistants.

They want the students to get a feel for how  a rural community manages their hospital and health care providers and what the many  challenges are.

Sen. Dean Burke spoke on several issues addressed in HB 186 legislation, including changes to the Rural Hospital Tax Credit, which has been extended to 2024.

It also increases the time for a tax payer to make donation from 60 days to 180 days from the time the tax credit is approved by the Department of Revenue. House Bill 321 addresses transparency requirements for tax-exempt hospitals and hospital authorities.

Lambert expressed thanks to Dr. Burke for his efforts in the legislative session to help represent the concerns and issues of Memorial Hospital and Manor, along with all other hospitals in the state as they tried to find compromise on the many key issues affecting the industry.