Masters week brings good vibes

Published 3:18 pm Tuesday, April 9, 2019

One of my favorite weeks in all of sports is finally here!

Nothing wakes me up from a winter of hibernation like the Masters. The lush, green landscape and gorgeous foliage of Augusta National is like a deep tissue massage for my eyeballs. There could be record lows on the thermometer, but Masters week always makes me feel a little warmer. Plus, I eat like a king. Ribs, pimento cheese sandwiches and ice cold beer. It’s the Masters—I gotta do it right.

It was already hard enough to concentrate at work while March Madness was going on last month. But the Masters is an entirely different level of distraction. Much like March Madness, the field on Thursday is so massive before the cuts. All the greatest golfers in the world are there to etch their name in history and slip on that green jacket.

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There are a few players I’ll be keeping a close eye on throughout the tournament. First and foremost, I’ll be watching Tiger.

After one of the greatest comeback seasons I’ve ever witnessed last year, the greatest to play the game is back at Augusta in top form. Tiger’s swing looks painless, his body healthy and his mind tuned. More than anything, I just want to see him in that Sunday Red. Nothing—NOTHING—could draw more attention to the Masters than Tiger in contention on Sunday. It’s simply one of the greatest sights in all of sports. As we all know, crazy things happen on Sunday in Augusta. If Tiger is on the prowl, miraculous things are sure to happen.

Who else?

Well, there’s Rory McIlroy. Last year, he was in the final grouping with winner Patrick Reed, finally within reach of the last piece of the Majors Grand Slam. Augusta National has always been a harsh mistress for Rory. He goes in ready to conquer her and always limps away, ego bruised and wondering if he’ll ever win it. Last year’s Sunday collapse was no different. It’s all in his mind. Rory has the recent Player’s 2019 trophy sitting on his mantelpiece. Could that momentum launch him into contention again? We’ll see. Vegas seems to like him a lot right now.

There’s also Rickie Fowler, who was a gnat’s eyelash away from winning it all last year. Patrick Reed just wouldn’t make a bogie, though. Fowler is one of my favorites on the tour, and I’ll be rooting hard for him all week long.

I’m also a big Jordan Spieth guy. He always plays exceptionally well at Augusta National, minus one outlier a couple years ago.

I can’t wait for these guys to tee off Thursday!