Citizen’s Academy returns from BPS

Published 4:17 pm Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Bainbridge Public Safety Director Jerry Carter announced at the City Council retreat this weekend that the citizen’s academy will return, due to popular demand.

The citizen’s academy is a series of classes held by BPS open to anyone that teaches the public about various Georgia laws, the different divisions of public safety and also allows them to gain real life practical experience, while riding along with officers.

The classes last approximately two hours with 30/40 minutes of classroom instruction and one hour of fieldwork. The fieldwork ranges from helping officers patrol on the streets to field trips to the call center.

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Carter said he knows in the past the one thing students find most interesting is DUI repercussions and drug detection, so he looks forward to being able to show a new group about how that works.

Carter would like to keep the class small and maximize at 15 students, so there is ample opportunity for questions and one on one training.

He has not set a date for the classes to begin yet, but will release more information once it becomes available.