Bainbridge Humane Society works with coalition transporting animals

Published 4:16 pm Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Bainbridge Humane Society was one of five participating animal shelters to take part in a North Shore Animal League American rescue that took place at the Albany Humane Society on Wednesday, March 27.

The Animal League brought a 42-foot Freightliner rig that has been converted into a shelter on wheels. They picked up 60 dogs from the five participating regional shelters to transport back to their shelter in Port Washington, NY. There the dogs will all be examined, spayed and or neutered by one of their in-house vets, groomed and put up for adoption.

The other Humane Societies involved were from Albany, Thomasville, Terrell County and Lee County. They, along with Bainbridge, are part of a Southwest Georgia Transport Coalition, For the Love of Dogs.

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Bainbridge Shelter Director, Ashley White said, “These transports help free up much needed space and help our shelters better manage the high volume of intake we experience on a daily basis. It takes a lot of organization and hard work to make a transport of this magnitude happen, but everyone involved was extremely excited for the opportunity to save lives!”

Denny Nichols accompanied White and 15 dogs to Albany to make the transfer.

She wants the city of Bainbridge and Decatur County to know how important this particular transfer was. It was the first time this Animal League has ever come to Southwest Georgia. They are considered the premier unit in the animal rescue business. “It speaks highly of our shelter to be considered in this transfer,” she declared. White explained there is a specific criteria for selection of dogs they will accept. This particular time it was no dogs over 5 years old, nor over a set weight limit.

Our shelter workers chose the best 15, mostly puppies, according to the criteria and sent photos of each. “We were so excited when they were accepted,”  said White. “It was all such a nice experience. Their transport vehicle is so well built and better than anything we have here.” In talking with White and Nichols on Friday, they were still excited as the dogs had all arrived in NY safely and they were  able to see a video of the dogs being cared for.

“It was our first time to do this, but we are looking forward to additional transfers with the North Shore Animal League,” concluded White.

Lulu Kaufman, president of For the Love of Dogs, and on the Board of Directors for Albany Humane District 2 Leader, and organizer of this transport said the group was formed to help get adoptable dogs out of the rural, overcrowded shelters in this region and transported to shelters in more urban, densely populated areas, where they will have a better chance at being adopted.

North Shore Animal League America has saved more than 1,000,000 lives, as the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization, they understand that a rescue isn’t complete until each animal is placed into a loving home.

Their innovative programs provide education to reduce animal cruelty and advance standards in animal welfare. They reach across the country to rescue animals from overcrowded shelters, unwanted litters, puppy mills, natural disasters and other emergencies and find them permanent, loving homes.

While this transport was the first time NSAL took dogs from Southwest Georgia, there are already future transports being planned and the hope that this will become a regular, life-saving venture for all involved.