Wishing you the perfect last prom

Published 3:24 pm Friday, March 22, 2019

As I’m writing this column, it’s prom eve.

It’s the day before the big night and I know every girl in town is getting her spray tan touched up, her acrylic nails put on and her lashes extended.

I absolutely love prom. I love the idea of getting dressed up with your best girlfriends and spending one last time with your senior class dancing around, regardless if you have a date.

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My senior prom was one I will never forget. I had a crush on a boy in my Algebra class; he was younger than me, but I knew we could be the perfect prom pair. I kept waiting and hoping he would ask me, but no moves were made, until the night of the girl’s senior party.

He asked me to dance, so we found a spot and had not even begun dancing when he said “would you go to prom with me?”

I was so excited!

“I would love that,” I told him.

I had barely even gotten the words out of mouth and he ran away to high five his friends. We never even danced, but I didn’t care I was so excited. Everyone was cheering me on and running around telling every person at the party. They even told my mom, who was a chaperone.

The days got closer, and finally it was the day before prom. That’s when an announcement came over the loudspeaker.

“Cory please come to the office, you have not filled out your prom agreement or bought your tickets.”

I put my palm to my face. He had forgotten our tickets and I was worried he had forgotten everything else.

“Do not worry Jill! I’ve got this,” he promised before sprinting down the hall.

The next day he arrived at my house with my corsage and his car clean as a whistle. My mom took pictures at our house before we all went to a plantation and ate dinner together as a grade.

We didn’t have party busses like they do now, but everyone would all arrive and leave at the same time.

After dinner, we went to Chehaw Park for our senior walk, where everyone’s moms were lined up for pictures. When it came our turn, people went wild and started chanting. My mom didn’t understand what was going on, and I didn’t either until later on in the night.

The parents finally left and it was time to dance. My date wasn’t really interested in dancing, which was fine. I stood at the front of the stage and screamed Mr. Brightside while jumping around with my friends.

That’s when it was time to announce prom queen and king. If you know me, you know my fairytale ending is to be announced prom queen and be swept off my feet. That almost happened. I was announced prom queen and a friend of mine prom king.

I have never felt that much joy. We had to dance to a slow song, which he begged for us to finish early, so we did and just let everyone join us out there.

My date gave me a high five… I think he really liked those and we left to go to the after party. That’s when he told me had a curfew and couldn’t go.

It didn’t matter to me, though. I went with all my friends and had the best time I ever could’ve asked for.

Four years after my own prom, my sister went to her senior prom and also won prom queen. There was no one I would’ve rather shared my crown with.

I hope Saturday night is the best night for everyone. I hope everyone gets high fives galore and that you share memories with your friends that you’ll remember forever. I can’t wait to see everyone’s dresses and snap pictures.