Bainbridge City Council discusses potential of Sunday retail alcohol sales

Published 7:26 pm Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A consideration of placing Sunday alcohol sales on the November ballot was made during Tuesday night’s Bainbridge City Council meeting.

Councilwoman Glennie Bench asked City Manager Chris Hobby to place the consideration on the agenda after Little Brown Jug owner Sarah Griffin approached the city about the possibility at their last regular session on Feb. 19.

Bench explained that the city already has a referendum in place that allows Sunday alcohol sales in restaurants, but this would allow retail owners to have that ability as well.

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Bench said she thinks the Sunday sales could bring revenue to Bainbridge because residents are currently traveling outside the county to areas that have already passed similar laws. She said she doesn’t think this consideration should be an issue because the city has already shown by virtue of passing the Sunday sales law and the current referendum that it has not created a problem for restaurants, Bainbridge Public Safety or the safety of the citizens in Bainbridge.

Bench thinks with proper implementation Sunday sales would work just as well.

The referendum has already been previously proposed on a ballot in the past, but did not pass, although Sunday alcohol sales at restaurants did.

Bench said she hopes this time the referendum will pass because citizens have now seen other cities and counties implement this law and the success they have had with it.

Bench realizes that some people will still be “all in” for Sunday sales or “all out”, and she understands that is a personal preference, but now with the referendums being seen around the state, she hopes they will reconsider and see that Bainbridge is losing revenue to other cities.

Following Bench’s explanation and reasoning, Mayor Edward Reynolds asked for a mock referendum to be created so the City Council can further consider it and revise the language, if needed.