Lions hears about duties and services of Ga. Dept. of Natural Resources

Published 3:15 pm Friday, March 15, 2019

Corporal Quinn Fogle and game warden Taylor Brown of the wildlife resources division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources updated the Bainbridge Lions Club Wednesday on the duties and services of the division.

“It is our duty,” Fogle said, “to make sure that no one is hunting deer illegally. There are 45 pages of wildlife resources laws that we must enforce involving deer hunting. Illegal deer hunting is a real problem in some areas. There are 226 game wardens in the state and they are charged with enforcing the game and fish hunting laws.”

As conservation rangers, Fogle said he and Brown are also charged with keeping the environment safe for hunters throughout the state.

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“If you see anyone hunting or fishing illegally you should contact the authorities.  Hunting and fishing safety rules must be strictly followed,” said Fogle. “When they are, everyone benefits.”

Fogle told the Lions that he recently arrested a man who had killed deer in several different Georgia Counties. He said that he resided in several different motels in the various counties making it difficult to track him down.

“We want everyone to enjoy hunting and fishing in our state but they must do it legally.”