Yours in a heartbeat: New device records sound of child’s heart for parents’ keepsake

Published 4:09 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Obstetric patients at Magnolia Women’s Center are being offered a new experience when they get an ultrasound. They can actually have the sound of their baby’s heartbeat captured in a small recorder that can be placed inside a furry toy animal. When they push the button they can hear the heartbeat. The first basket of animals was received last week, so patients can select their animal of choice.

Kim Worek, R.N. said she had one made in Thomasville four years ago when she was expecting her son. She chose a white bear to hold the recording. “He has loved that toy so much it is missing one eye,” she reports.

Other places in the area, such as Dothan, Tallahassee and Valdosta have what are called Ultrasound Boutiques, where pregnant women can go and have an ultrasound made strictly for the recording. Now for the first time, Magnolia Women’s Center is offering the service locally for their patients. “We checked out the other locations and wanted to be competitive so patients wouldn’t have to drive two hours to get the service. We have found we actually beat their prices,” she adds. Worek said the patients love it, but probably the grandmothers love it even more.

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She suggests it would be great to give as a gift certificate.

There are several packages to choose from. Patients are usually eligible to pick up a heartbeat at 16 weeks, and if they choose the ultrasound simply for recording the heartbeat, the cost is $20, plus the $30 price of the animal of choice.

‘Bows and Bowties’ package is available at 16 weeks for $50. It includes 2D/4D images, gender determination, hear the heartbeat, pictures and a jump drive.

‘A Womb with a View’ given between 26 and 32 weeks of pregnancy is $120 and offers 3D/4D images, gender determination/confirmation, hear the heartbeat, a jump drive and each additional ultrasound is $60, with purchase of this package.

With any of the packages, a stuffed animal can be purchased for an additional $30.

Then there is the ‘Watch Me Grow,’ given from 12 to 32 weeks, where you get 2D/3D/4D images, with three sessions, gender determination and confirmation, jump drive, heartbeat, recorded heartbeat with animal of your choice included for a total price of $250.

Whichever plan is selected the patient is always given a jump drive for keeping all the photos.

Ultrasound technician Courtney Roland works in a room at the center specifically designated for taking ultrasounds with 2D/4D. capability.

For the time being Magnolia Women’s Center is only offering the heartbeat toy service to their established patients.

Information about this service can be found on a Facebook page Magnolia Center has started, where interested parties can check out the different plans and learn more about medical care and providers for all women, including information for gynecological patients.