Rotarians learn how much ABAC has to offer

Published 4:24 pm Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A lesson on ABAC, its history and present status in Southwest Georgia, was related to Rotarians Tuesday. Michael Kirkland, professor of History and Humanities. at the ABAC campuses of Bainbridge, Donalsonville and Blakely reiterated the merging of ABAC and Bainbridge State College, then how all property and technical programs transferred to SRTC in Aug. 2018, as ABAC began its first fall semester in Bainbridge.

He spoke of the programs offered by ABAC through dual enrollment. There are currently 225 students enrolled in the ten participating southwest Georgia high schools, including Bainbridge and Blakely. That program has helped ABAC expand its student enrollment while many other educational institutions are experiencing drops in enrollment.

The focus of ABAC is preparing people to work, and since agriculture is the leading industry in SW Georgia, ABAC places a heavy emphasis on agricultural programs, such as animal science and plant science, to name a few specialties.

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Another field that is doing well is Nursing. ABAC offers a two-year RN program and a four-year BSN. The program has been very successful, with a 100 percent pass rate on the NCLEX testing the last two years.

A grant from the Department of Agricultural Technology has made it possible through tele-technology to broadcast classes to those RN nurses working in hospitals who desire to complete their BSN.

ABAC is concentrating on programs to help economic development and answer some of the most pressing needs of residents in rural Southwest Georgia. They are looking at access for Broadband services and healthcare.

A quality internship program is in place that places students in businesses to work alongside employees to learn how they operate and what is necessary to know to be successful.

ABAC has much to offer and some of the programs all residents can enjoy are the Carter Arts series offerings. Free programs of music, poetry and the arts are performed in the Kirbo Center. One such program is the ABAC Jazz Band concert scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. The last program for this year will be the Turtle Island Quartet on March 29.