BPS nabs notorious Walmart shoplifter

Published 5:29 pm Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Sunday morning Bainbridge Public Safety responded to a shoplifting call at Walmart, which led to the arrest of a habitual violator banned from Walmart across the United States.

The suspect, Robert Russaw, was caught on camera pushing televisions out of the store without paying for them. Sgt. Toby Miller was inside the store conducting a business security check when he got the page, but was unable to stop the suspect as the car drove away.

Other area officers were notified and responded to the last known destination of travel, which was East.

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While searching the area, officer Jamie Marshburn noticed a Chevrolet Tahoe parked in the Home Depot parking lot with two televisions laying in the back seat.

Marshburn, Officers Jessica Matthews, Christopher Prindle and Captain Jack Bunting surrounded the vehicle and Home Depot, while Miller reviewed the video surveillance from Walmart.

Miller radioed the description of the shoplifter and drove to Home Depot, where Prindle, Marshburn and Matthews were handcuffing Russaw, as they confirmed him to be the male seen in the video committing the theft.

Russaw was charged with two counts of burglary, two counts of criminal trespass, two counts of giving false information, birthdate, address to officer and two counts of shoplifting.

Russaw received two counts of each charge, because he exited Walmart and returned to gather more items that did not belong to him.

The driver of the getaway vehicle was not arrested or charged. According to Julie Harris, Community Relations Director for Bainbridge Public Safety, the driver told officers he was doing a favor for Russaw. Russaw had asked if he could pick some things up at Walmart and the driver was unaware, he had not paid for them.

The case is continuing to be investigated by Chris Jordan and remains active.