Southwest Georgia Technology Competition held at BHS

Published 3:35 pm Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Saturday, Jan. 26, students from Decatur, Lee, Thomas, and Colquitt county gathered at Bainbridge High School to compete in the Southwest GA Regional Technology Competition. Students who placed first place will now advance to the state competition on March 9 in Macon.

Elementary Video Production

1st  Noah Henderson & Leland Tomlin – Decatur County

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2nd Jack Kirksey – Colquitt County

Middle Video Production

1st Luke Pierce & Trace Morales – Thomas County

2nd Olivia Vanderwalt & Loryn Bell – Lee County

3rd Dayne Golden & Cohen Edalgo – Lee County

High School Video Production

1st Jackson Carlstom & Carllin Garey – Lee

Elementary Robotics

1st Liam Wessels, Lily Hillhouse, & Madison Moul – Lee county

2nd Brennon Demot & Ethan Yingling – Colquitt County

Middle Robotics

1st Gavin Melnick & Caden Regan – Thomas

2nd Nishad Pandya – Lee

High School Robotics

1st Brenden Mitchell & Larry Guy – Decatur

2nd Jeremiah Bynum – Lee County

Game Design Elementary

1st Henry Vanstone – Decatur County

2nd Erick Valega – Colquitt County

Middle School Game Design

1st Brady Morris & John Philgrim – Lee County

2nd Akhia Harris – Thomas County

3rd Alicia Sholar – Thomas County

High School Game Design

Danny Tilson – Decatur County

Elementary Multimedia

1st Matthew Strickland & Takayla Hall – Decatur County

2nd Lily Williams – Colquitt County

3rd Corey Williams – Thomas County

Middle Multimedia

1st Kadyn Orr – Lee County

2nd Natalie Carlisle – Thomas County

High Multimedia

1st Connor Willis – Decatur County

Elementary 3D

1st Tyitiunah Smith – Decatur County

Middle 3D

1st Warren Morris – Lee

High School 3D

1st Jasmine Zellner & Hannah Lambert – Lee

Elementary Animation

1st Brooklyn Dawkins – Decatur

2nd Rowan Honeycutt – Lee

3rd Nicholas Gibson – Colquitt 

Middle Animation

1st McKenzie Doss – Lee

2nd Kaylee Howell – Decatur

High Animation

1st Jacob Montgomery – Lee

2nd Savannah Thompson – Decatur

Elementary Graphic Design

1st Anna Huynh – Decatur

2nd Alexis Stallings – Colquitt

Middle Graphic Design

1st Kambrell Robbins & Addy Barden – Lee County

2nd Mallory Bustle – Thomas County

3rd Alex Smith & Tanner Musgrove – Lee County

High Graphic Design

1st Corbin Austin – Decatur County

Elementary Digital Photo

1st Ethan Knight – Decatur County

2nd Martin Garcia

3rd Gracie Strickland & Briseas Valdez – Colquitt County

Middle Digital Photo

1st Sean Hoover & Zach Davis

2nd Cadence Allen

High Digital Photo

1st Heaven Sizemore

High School Project Programing

1st Jonathan Farrington – Decatur County

2nd Jonahtan Strickland – Thomas

Elementary Internet Applications

1st Ja’Keelah Crosby & Madison Scott – Decatur

Middle School Internet Applications

1st Ethan Mainprize – Thomas County

2nd Skylar Dato & Madison Lindsey – Lee

3rd krystabel Kwarteng & Michael Scott – Lee

High School Internet Applications

1st Hannah Elliott & Georgia Miller – Lee

Middle Mobile Apps

1st Hannah Duggan & Bella Naggy – Lee

Elementary Audio Production

1st LeTuan Howard – Decatur County

2nd Audrey Holt – Lee County

Middle Audio Production

1st Seth Walls – Lee County

2nd Conner Russell – Lee County

High Audio Production

1st Terry Ray – Decatur County

Elementary Device Modification

1st Abram McLendon & Gambler Dollar – Decatur

2nd Kaedyn DeSalvo – Colquitt

Middle Device Modification

1st Silas Williams – Lee

2nd Whitt Finch – Thomas

3rd Katie Williams & Ila Smith – Lee

High Device Modification

1st David Payne & Katie Blaise – Lee

2nd Branch Butler – Decatur