Bank robbery busted

Published 4:14 pm Friday, January 25, 2019

Thursday morning at approximately 8:44 a.m., a robbery was attempted at PeoplesSouth Bank, where two people were apprehended in connection to the armed robbery that occurred at Synovus Bank in Thomasville on January 12.

Bainbridge Public Safety Captain Terry Pait was in front of Anytime Fitness when he heard the dispatch. He immediately pulled into the west entrance, where a female pointed him to the getaway vehicle that was stopped at the traffic light.

Pait initiated his emergency lights and positioned his car behind the vehicle. Pait commanded the driver to shut the vehicle off and roll down the driver window. The driver, Michelle Singh exited the vehicle, while Pait cautiously approached.

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Singh told Pait she was not involved in the bank robbery that it was the white car in front of her. Due to her false statement, multiple law enforcement officers continued to drive and look for the other white vehicle.

Pait and Officer George McMillan placed her under arrest for investigative custody. During that time, Chief Investigator Larry Funderburke was looking in the front driver seat and noticed a male subject hiding in the rear floorboard. Pait and McMillan removed the subject, Patrick Keating and placed him under arrest.

The two were then transported to the Decatur County Jail for one count of armed robbery.