GCA basketball beats Open Bible at home

Published 4:29 pm Friday, January 18, 2019

Tuesday night, the Grace Christian Academy  Cougars and Lady Cougars basketball team made major plays and won against Open Bible at home.

The boys came out on fire, scoring 13 points in the first period, while Open Bible scored 11. They only continued to make basket after basket in the second period, scoring 24 points. Coming out of halftime, they racked up 19 points in period three and 17 points in period four, winning 73-44.

The game was a team effort, but seniors De’Andre Rogers and Jaylen Jones led the team with 18 points, followed by sophomore Wyatt Carpenter, who scored 15 points.

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Seniors Jeb Smith and Branch Austinston each scored 7 pints, while junior Seth Parker helped score 6 points and senior Shane Kornmeier brought in the win with two points.

Austinson led in offensive rebounds with five, while Rogers led in defensive rebounds with seven. Rogers also had five steals, while Jones had three.

The Lady Cougars continued on that momentum, and won in a 58-22 game.

Junior Emelia Woodrum stole the show, scoring 28 points throughout the game, while junior Caroline Wells backed her up, scoring 13 points.

They did this with the help of teammate, Kate McRae, who scored five points, Mary Glenn Warr, who scored four points and Mallie Andrews, Lainey McRae, Brooke Phillips and Ella Harrell who scored two points.

The team scored 12 points in period one, while Open Bible scored seven. They continued to amp up their game in period two and three, scoring 17 and 19 points and finally 10 points in period four.

Kate McRae had the most steals with six and the most defensive rebounds with five, while sister Lainey had the most offensive rebounds with four.

Both teams will play Tuesday, Jan. 22 where they will recognize the seniors and honor those teammates who have scored 1,000 points over their career. They hope everyone will attend and support their seniors.