Inmate busted for smuggling in meth

Published 3:36 pm Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday January 4, Sergeant Chad Smith contacted the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office to alert them that an inmate at the Decatur County Correctional Institute had smuggled in an unknown drug believed to be methamphetamine.

Warden Screen said that inmate, Wayman McMillan, has a history of trying to bring in illegal contraband through the help of family and friends, so they have been keeping a close eye on him.

Inmates and outsiders alerted Screen that McMillan had drugs on him, and wanted him to be caught.

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“A lot of inmates are trying to better themselves and don’t want to be around that type of stuff,” Screen said.

Inmates don’t have an incentive when they tell on other inmates, but are allowed to be transferred to a different location so no trouble occurs and they are not targeted.

Screen is unsure how McMillan smuggled the drugs in, but believes another inmate possibly helped him. Inmates usually ingest or insert it into their bodies in order to bring it in, Screen explained. They do not have a way of locating the drugs when that happens, they can only find bigger items such as cell phones or larger metal items.

Lieutenant Herbert Rodgers found McMillan’s bag, and during the search of it had to forcibly remove McMillan and pepper spray him, due to how aggressive he became.

Once they brought the evidence back, officers field tested the white substance and found it to be methamphetamine or “ICE”. There was one larger chunk at the top, while the rest was finely ground.

The methamphetamine was weighed and found to be 14 grams. Screen said while that may not seem like a lot on the street, that is a lot of drugs to be brought inside the prison.

Since this incident, Screen has shipped McMillan off to a state facility in hopes of distancing him from personal contacts and friends who are inmates that can help him bring in drugs.