Southern Power Co. leads list of top taxpayers in Decatur County for 2018

Published 3:56 pm Friday, January 4, 2019

The top 10 taxpayers in Decatur County in 2018 accounted for almost $5 million in tax revenue for the county.

The top taxpayer was Southern Power Company, who paid $1,655,512 this year. The second biggest taxpayer was BASF Catalysts LLC in Attapulgus, who paid $1,009,668. These are the only two bills that accounted for more than $1 million in 2018.

Smaller Southern Power Company and Georgia Power properties ranked next on the lists. The third highest taxpayer was Georgia Power Company with a bill of $621,270.45. Southern Power Company came in again at fourth on the list with $463,163, followed by Georgia Power at fifth with $299,528.52.

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Tranmontaigne Products came in at sixth with a bill of $184,447.92. Sanfilippo came in seventh with a bill of $181,538.14 and CSX Transportation Inc. placed eighth highest with a bill of $160,188.14.

Georgia Transmission Corporation took ninth place with a bill of $160,096.97 and Meredian Bioplastics Inc. rounded out the top 10 list with a bill of $157,657.22.