It’s the championship we’re stuck with, unfortunately

Published 4:10 pm Friday, January 4, 2019

Are you going to watch the CFP National Championship on Monday?

It’s OK to say you’re not. I don’t think many would blame you. I sure as heck wouldn’t.

But it’s the one we’re stuck with. For the third time in four years (fourth time, if you include last year’s semifinal Sugar Bowl) that Clemson and Alabama will clash for the title. There really isn’t any way to argue around it this year, either. These are clearly the two best teams. They both handled their business fair and square, often in extremely convincing fashion.

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There were certainly close calls along the way. Clemson almost lost to Syracuse at home, but most will chalk that up to a third string quarterback under center. Alabama looked like it had no gas and an injured quarterback against Georgia in the SEC Championship, but once again, depth paid off and the Crimson Tide washed away the Dawgs’ hopes.

The semifinals were never really close, either, even if Oklahoma came back toward the end of the game. The Tide and the Tigers have been on a collision course headed for each other all season. This is the tie-breaker game, you could say. Maybe it was destiny. I don’t know.

So, who you got? I think it’ll be a game in the first half. But Clemson won’t score in the second half and Alabama will sit on the Tigers like the big elephants they are. My final prediction is 41-21 Alabama.