Family Christmas traditions, and all the memories that come from them

Published 12:48 pm Saturday, December 22, 2018

Every family has a few traditions at Christmas they strongly observe, yet there is no explanation as to when or how they originated.

The silliest one we have in our family is for the receiver of the gift to place it over or on his/her head, as a show of acceptance.  This practice is capable of creating some humorous and occasionally dangerous situations. Stop and think about some of the gifts you might receive and how you would accommodate the rule.

For instance, one year I received a new piano, or the time I was blessed with a new microwave. So, how do you follow the tradition? 

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We have family photos of members going through the process, some of which are hilariously ridiculous. Think about it.

Another of our traditions is to hang up a stocking for each of our dogs and let them open their own gifts on Christmas morning. We have video footage of the chaos that ensues, but my favorite is a video of our dog Bella sleeping beneath her stocking last Christmas Eve, as if to guard it until time to open it.

Probably the best tradition we observe is to attend the Christmas Eve church service wherever we might be. Our favorite Bainbridge service is the Lessons and Carols at the Presbyterian Church. The choir is often accompanied by outstanding “imported musicians,” who come to us from Tallahassee and other areas. The music is an outstanding offering of the best classical and spiritual music to be found anywhere.

This time of year is a good time to start a new tradition if you don’t have one. If you didn’t go to the seasonal offering at Bainbridge Little Theatre, make a pledge to go next year. Travel through the City’s light display at the Boat Basin at night, take in Grace Church’s The Field by Night, sing carols in the town square on Christmas Eve, or any number of other events that will give your family fond memories.

Whatever, wherever or however you celebrate Christmas, I wish you all the joy and peace of the season.