A dance recital I’ll always remember

Published 12:45 pm Saturday, December 22, 2018

It seems like a lifetime ago I participated in my final Christmas dance recital, but it was one that I will never forget.

Every year at the Christmas recital, the finale is a nativity scene where everyone dances in white to Silent Night. All the lights are off and the story Jesus’ birth is read when everyone gets into position.

I specifically remember my senior year though, because we learned to perform Silent Night in sign language and it is something that has stuck with me.

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I guess everyone is filled with some type of spirit during the holidays that they may not usually be, but this night brought me to tears.

I thought of how many people in the audience may not be able to hear us, but they were watching us perform a visual interpretation of what it must’ve been like when Jesus was born and tell them the story through a language they understand.

I had never learned any sign language prior to this, and I still have yet to dive into learning ASL, but I distinctly remember a few key motions such as, mother and child and all is calm and all is bright and last sleep in heavenly peace.

I certainly don’t think I’m capable of teaching others the routine I’ve learned, but I think it would be a wonderful addition to our caroling in the park or possibly the Yuletide Jubilee performances.

I think everyone should have access to the Christmas story, despite any hearing or sight capabilities.

While I may not be able to teach others, I would love to put them in contact with my teacher who helped us learn and more than anything I would love to cheer on anyone who does this in the future.

I hope everyone has a Christmas that fills them with the spirit I felt when I got to share the story of Christ, and I hope everyone gets to experience a “Holy night filled with all things calm and all things bright.”