Beachem signs scholarship to play softball at ABAC

Published 7:03 pm Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Surrounded by friends, family and past and present coaches, senior Desirae Beachem signed a scholarship to play softball at ABAC on Monday morning.

Beachem has played softball since she was a young girl. Coaches and parents have memories of her on and off the field from the time she was able to hold a bat.

Wes Briggs shared some of his memories of Beachem during her signing.

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“Whether it was rec ball, travel ball, high school ball or a championship, she was something special,” he said.

Briggs shared a memory of a time their team played in the state championship. He said the score was tied 2-2, and they were two down, but what the other team didn’t know was that they had Beachem on third. Beachem ended up stealing home and helped them win the state championship. Briggs said that has always stuck with him, and he is just really proud of Beachem and knows she will go far.

ABAC coach Mike Reed, along with his team recognized that talent in Beachem as well.

Beachem attended a prospect camp at ABAC over the summer, where Reed had the chance to meet her.

“We fell in love with her from the beginning,” Reed said.

Reed explained that his team worked the prospect camp, and every one of the girls gave Beachem high marks. One of the things that really stuck out to them was Beachem’s attitude and the effort she put into the game.

Beachem said that is in part due to what her team in high school has taught her.

“They taught me to be a team player,” she said. “They showed me how to be there for my teammates and keep a positive attitude, even if I’m doing bad. When one person does good, we all do good.”

That perspective is something that shows in her new team. Beachem explained that one of the things that really drew her to ABAC was the bond the team had. They were more than just a team, they all hung out together outside of practice, she said. The team strived to make Beachem feel that way at camp, and it was recognized.

“It just felt comfortable and like I was at home,” Beachem said.

While this won’t make up for all the singing done on the bus, Beachem looks forward to her next two years of playing outfielder for ABAC, before moving on to a four year school and training to be a physical therapist.