Physical Therapy was subject at Rotary

Published 6:07 pm Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Dr. Daryl Hall, one of two physical therapists working at Memorial Hospital and Manor, spoke to Rotary on Tuesday about the many services offered locally, interspersing his commentary with occasional humor.

The department regularly works with outpatient orthopedic patients, provides geriatric care in nursing homes and works with those who are suffering from pain, joint weakness, vertigo and many other conditions. They offer exercise for nearly any medical complaint presented to them.

But there are two other remedies being offered that may not be as well known.

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One is aquatic therapy that benefits many patients who do their exercises in the YMCA pool.  He explains that exercise in water reduces the pressure and force of doing them on dry land.

The patient wears a belt that keeps them afloat, hence the strength of muscles can be increased with a decrease in pain. It also increases blood supply to sore muscles and promotes relaxation. It improves balance.

Another relatively unknown service offered is that of wound care. The dressings and application of ointments must be performed by a licensed physical therapist or PT assistant, and a referral from a physician is required.

He reinforced his presentation with slides showing some of the wounds they have worked on, while demonstrating how they improved with proper application of dressings and moisture.

Hall said the local PT department at Memorial Hospital must know how to do it all, whereas in larger facilities they have specialists in each area.

He also spoke on the wide diversity of patients seen. There are all ages, from an infant five days old to a person 105.

Physical therapy does require a referral from a physician, but most insurance companies will pay for it.

Licensed physical therapists must have completed the education to earn a doctoral degree. Hall received his from the Medical College of Georgia after earning his bachelor and master degrees.

The PT Department of Memorial Hospital and Manor is located in the medical building on Wheat Street. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.