Jalen came in when he was needed most

Published 5:50 pm Tuesday, December 4, 2018

What. A. Game.

I’m sure fans of both teams crowded around their TV Saturday afternoon as they watched Alabama and Georgia duke it out to see who would be the SEC champion.

In a late fourth quarter turn of events, Alabama pulled off an upset and left fans wanting more.

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While I’m impressed the team can always pull some magic trick out of their hat, what I’m more impressed with was the way Jalen Hurts handled himself.

Jalen has hardly seen any action since Tua Tagovailoa made his epic debut last year. He has sat on the bench and waited his turn, time and time again. Everyone told him to walk away that Tua was the new star, but he didn’t.

Jalen said he prayed about it and prepared for whenever a turn may come his way again, and it did Saturday afternoon.

I admire that patience, and I understand what that must feel like in a smaller scale of events.

I loved dancing. I was terrible at it, but every week I went to my classes, while others would be missing for various activities and learned the choreography for our recital.

Somehow when it came time for us to get our “places” it never seemed fair that I was in the back right corner….Every single year. If you didn’t have a pair of binoculars you probably couldn’t see me.

I did this for every recital, twice a year until I was a senior.

That’s when the day finally came and she put me on the front row. It was such a big accomplishment for me, and it probably meant nothing to others.

I imagine that is how Jalen felt. I believe it was a huge accomplishment to him, while to others it probably just meant another win.

I believe that long patience though makes you want to prove yourself to anyone who ever doubted that you were capable.

No one wants to wait, but for every year you’re put in the back or for every game you sit on the bench I think a fire ignites inside of you. You think to yourself, “when I get my turn… I”ll prove to them they made a mistake.”

Did Jalen prove that Saturday? I believe so, but then again… does Nick Saban really make mistakes or was he counting on the fact that benching Jalen would make him hungry to prove himself?

Lord knows the Devil works hard, but Nick Saban works harder.

All I can say is I’m proud of my team. Every single one of them; the benchwarmers, the second string, the first string, all of the above.

Now, let’s go win another Natty, shall we?