Child finds forever home after three years in foster care

Published 4:37 pm Friday, November 23, 2018

Misty and Roy Morris have been foster parents to Paisley for almost three years, but they recently decided they wanted to make Paisley an official member of their family and adopted her.

Misty was diagnosed with menopause at 19, which happens to only one percent of women, so she knew she could never have children naturally.

“All I ever wanted to do was become a mom, so it was very difficult to hear that,” Misty said.

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After realizing this, she and her husband decided to go into foster care.

While caring for foster children, Misty and Roy were also caring for Roy’s biological granddaughter, Macey, who was placed with them through relative care placement by DFCS.

Macey was privately adopted by the family years ago, and never thought anything of it; she knew Roy and Misty as her parents.

“We had practically raised her, and we just wanted to make it official so she never had to worry about being placed back in the system.”

However, Misty wanted a sibling for Macey.

The parents opened their home six years ago as foster parents and have had 63 children come through during that time. One of those children was Paisley.

“She was just the perfect fit,” Misty said. “She came in from day one and she was just the one; everything we had ever wanted in a child she was it.”

Paisley was just over one when she came into the Morris home and now she is a happy four-year-old.

Misty said Paisley had been under the care of DFCS since she was born. She was immediately taken into relative custody, and had been in the system for 1,039 days before finding her forever home.

Paisley understood she was being adopted and was excited, Misty said. Paisley loved the fact that Macey would be her older sister, since the only “siblings” she had ever known were just other children in the foster care system, who were constantly in and out.

“They are very close,” Misty said.

With the adoption official, now the family of four has more time to enjoy the things they love. The sisters often ride bikes together and spend time together at their “Granny’s” pool. But, Misty said Paisley has belonged since day one, so nothing has really changed in their daily routine; now she just never has to worry about it changing.

Misty and Roy have already opened their home back up for foster children, and this time Misty said she’s hoping for a boy. She would love for the girls to have a little brother to spend time with.

In the meantime, she will be focusing on homeschooling the girls and teaching them to read, write and spell their names. The family is crossing their fingers for another youngster, as they all really enjoy being able to share these monumental stepping-stones in academics together.

Misty hopes her story will inspire others to consider foster care, as 20,000 other children are currently awaiting a forever family in Georgia right now.