Kale shares news of business

Published 3:18 pm Friday, November 9, 2018

Thursday afternoon Al Kale spoke to Kiwanis Club about his growing business, Kale Technology Services, LLC.

One of the things Kale Technology Services offers is telephone service. Kale said he had never truly dove into that part of the business until the hurricane forced people to be without telephone technology.

Kale offers phone service through Internet with VOIP. He was contacted immediately following the hurricane about how the radio station could use their phones and report on the football game, so Kale set it up through his VOIP and was able to get them up and running for the game.

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Kale is able to do this in one of two ways. If companies already have an analog telephone system, he can get companies a dial tone through the Internet. If the Internet is down, Kale sets it up through a Verizon modem that will automatically switch over, once the Internet returns. However, they can also use a cloud-based system. This cloud- based system is not location based, so users can transfer calls anywhere not just directly within their office.

Another service offered is an auto attendant for phone systems. Kale has found some companies don’t need them during their traditional workday, but do prefer them for after hours, because they can route the call if their customer is having an emergency. The call can be routed straight to the business owner or an alternate location that handles specific emergencies.

Kale also has the ability to set different ringtones for different calls. It is traditionally used if there is a backline that is not advertised, so the call can be differentiated.

With the ability to offer an extremely reliable and fully compatible technology in his growing business, Kale asked everyone in attendance to consider using VOIP, especially in small business settings, which is where he is trying to grow his market.

He concluded by taking specific questions about phone systems already within use and asked everyone to call 229-220-1972 for more information.