Pollock’s last book published posthumously

Published 3:04 pm Friday, October 19, 2018

Local author, coach, and school administrative assistant, Anna Kay Pollock, has had her second book published in September. With the help of her family and friends, The Smell of Freedom, was published September 15.  It can be purchased at Bainbridge Pharmacy and Amazon.com.

Her first novel, I am Joshua, published in 2013, is told from a young boy’s point of view. It shows a young aspiring artist struggling with bullying and abuse. 

Later in 2016, she finished her second novel, The Smell of Freedom, which describes a young girl’s search for identity. 

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Told through a teenager’s point of view, both novels emphasize the importance of family, the search for salvation, and the need to develop God-given talents. In November of 2016, Anna suffered multiple strokes and later died, leaving a host of family and friends behind. But her novels live on.

Her brother Jerry Pollock said it was quite a process for the family to go through to get the book printed and published. They relied on advice from a sister, Patsy Henry, who has a lot of experience publishing children’s books. They went through a publisher called Create Space.  It printed one proof from the manuscript, then sent it back to the family to proofread. “We went through that process about three or four times, “ said her brother.

He believes her inspiration for the books came from her Christian viewpoint, and working with high school students she came in contact with through her years as a secretary in the school athletic department. She also served as the girls softball coach at the high school.

“I guess you would have to say her inspiration came from the Lord,” proclaimed her brother.