Bainbridge practicing through adverse conditions to take on high-ranked Warner Robins

Published 4:26 pm Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The lessons and adversity Bainbridge coach Jeff Littleton teaches on the gridiron came to life before his team’s eyes over the past week.

Neighborhoods are destroyed, families are struggling. Power, water and food are essentials many people in the community don’t have. Players and coaches are seeing firsthand that hardships and difficult battles don’t just happen in football.

But you keep fighting.

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Even after Hurricane Michael’s destruction in the community, the Bearcats (3-4, 1-0 Region) were back at the field Monday to practice. One of the toughest tests on their schedule is Friday at Warner Robins. The Demons are 7-1 and ranked No. 4 in the state.

“I just explained to them that nothing can make the community feel better at this time than to go up there and upset a highly ranked Warner Robins team,” said Littleton. “it could give them hope.”

Bainbridge fell 35-6 last year against the Demons. Circumstances and scheduling are putting the Bearcats back on the road again. However, the team is fresh off a bye week and have been able to recover from a string of tough games. On Friday, Oct. 5, Bainbridge broke its four-game losing streak with a win over Veterans on Homecoming.

“It’s a really big challenge to go on the road again,” said Littleton. “That’s the circumstance we have to deal with.”

Senior quarterback Dylan Fromm has had a strong season for the Demons, going 169-267 for 2,606 yards and throwing 28 touchdowns. Needless to say, Fromm will be the best quarterback the Bearcats have seen so far this season.

The Demons have a slew of receivers for Fromm to connect with, including Marcayll Jones (2), who leads the team with 54 catches, 1,318 yards and two touchdowns. Jahlen Rutherford (24) leads the rushing attack with 649 yards.

“The have exceptional athletes everywhere,” said Littleton. “Their philosophy is to spread it around to the different receivers they have. It forces you take people out of the box, and then they have their ground attack.”

The Warner Robins defense is also a tough batch of players.

“They are as salty as they were last year,” said Littleton. “Really big on the line of scrimmage and they run well to the ball. They are coached well.”

Bainbridge kicks off against the Demons at 7:30 p.m. this Friday at Freedom Field in Warner Robins.