Gov. candidate Kemp visits Bainbridge, surveys damage

Published 1:23 pm Monday, October 15, 2018

Republican governor candidate Brian Kemp visited Southwest Georgia over the weekend and into Monday to survey storm damage and thank poll workers for their continued efforts during these difficult circumstances.

Kemp said he was originally visiting to check in on election officials. Early voting started on Monday.

“They are over at the courthouse, using the generators, but they are open and that shows a lot of dedication from them,” Kemp said.

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Kemp said there are multiple other communities facing adverse conditions right now that are also open and he appreciates how seriously they are taking their job.

Kemp has also used this visit to see the damage first hand and talk to people who have been affected by the storm.

“The response has been great,” Kemp said. “The number of organizations and first responders that have been on the ground has been incredible. I think we should be proud as a state for the way the FEDS and the government has responded so quickly.”

Kemp said he knows how frustrating it can be because of the amount of widespread damage, especially to farmers, but he hopes they can find encouragement in how many people are here and willing to help them. Kemp said he has seen linemen hard at work and the Georgia Baptist Association helping, along with a variety of other faith-based organizations. He has seen the compassion they have for other people, serving them hot meals and getting them the necessities they need.

Kemp also said FEMA, the Forestry commission, state patrol, Department of Health, GEMA and the Department of Natural Resources are on hand to help residents recover from the damage done to the area.

Kemp will continue to visit local areas affected by Hurricane Michael and check with election officials for the first day of advanced voting in the runoff election.