Gymnast-a-cats earn awards at level 4 meet

Published 3:40 pm Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Two members of the Bainbridge Gymnast-a-cats, Anniston Brown and Dhara Patel, were on the prowl with only four weeks to prepare all new routines for USA level 4.

Coach Melynda Murkerson did not even realize the girls were way ahead of more than 100 girls until the meet was over.

Coach Melinda Murkerson said, “I only worry about my gymnasts when we compete, they have my full attention.”

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Anniston Brown won 1st place on all four events and 1st all-around in her age division with a 36.550. Dhara Patel came in 2nd with a 34.475 to her best friend, Aniston, but the excitement wasn’t over until they announced the highest overall score for all age divisions.

It was Anniston Brown who won the top honor. This was the Gymnast-a-cats first meet of the new season. Both Anniston and Dhara scored high enough to move to level 5 and now with only two weeks until a meet in Moultrie the girls are on the prowl again.