Bainbridge hospitality on display for Taurus

Published 5:22 pm Tuesday, September 11, 2018

About 20 couples employed by Taurus USA in Miami, Florida, visited Bainbridge last weekend, receiving presentations from different areas of the community and experiencing everything Decatur County had to offer.

It was a huge success, said Development Authority Executive Director Rick McCaskill, and achieved the goal of showcasing Bainbridge’s quality of life for a potentially large influx of residents when Taurus USA’s North American headquarters opens next year.

“They had nothing but really good things to say about Bainbridge,” said McCaskill. “It went as good as it possibly could have gone.”

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The group arrived last Thursday and stayed at SouthWind Plantation through Sunday, who did an excellent job hosting the couples, added McCaskill.

On Friday, presentations were made by the Bainbridge-Decatur County Recreation Authority, downtown businesses, the Decatur County School System, the medical community and the faith community at the Kirbo Center. Afterwards, the couples visited tables set up in the lobby with more information and representatives from those groups.

Each real estate office in Bainbridge had a table and information set up, as well.

After lunch on Thursday, the Taurus USA visitors loaded onto tour buses and received a tour of Bainbridge. The buses traveled down Shotwell Street, through downtown, to the site of the future Taurus USA North American headquarters at the Commodore Industrial Park, the boat basin and Bill Reynolds Sports Complex, Lake Douglas and other subdivisions and Bainbridge Country Club.

On Saturday, real estate agents served as personal tour guides to show the couples around Decatur County. Whether it was a look at Lake Seminole, longer looks at the schools in the county or trips to available real estate, the Taurus USA couples were taken there.

“We had just tremendously good feedback with that,” said McCaskill. “They were wonderful tour guides, they did what we wanted them to do and it worked. The people that went out with the local real estate offices came back with nothing but positive things to say about Bainbridge and the local offices.”

Another tour of Bainbridge, this one featuring up to 150 people from Taurus USA’s current headquarters in Miami, is being scheduled.