High school students interact with colleges at Probe College Fair

Published 5:17 pm Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tuesday morning, juniors and seniors from surrounding high schools were able to visit the Probe College Fair in the Bainbridge High School gymnasium and have one on one interactions with recruiters from each school.

More than 40 schools were in attendance ranging from Abraham Baldwin College to Wesleyan College in Macon.

Admissions recruiter, Lakeshia Williams was representing South Georgia State College in Douglas, Georgia.

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Williams said at this particular fair they see about 200 students, a lot of whom don’t know about South Georgia State College.

“When I see kids approaching who look like they might not know about our school, I try to communicate with them,” Williams said. “Usually I have about 50 to 60 students interested because there are so many other schools here.”

Williams stressed the communication after the initial greeting is the most important though.

The students fill out an information card and the school scans a bar code to make sure they are placed in the system. Once they are in the system, the school tries to encourage the student to visit the campus so they can get a feel for what it’s truly like and see if it’s a good fit for them.

Williams is an alumni of South Georgia State College and she always reminds the students that she wouldn’t be selling something she didn’t believe in. She wants to share information with any student about what she loves. Williams will be at all the Probe fairs around Georgia for the rest of the week and hopes to recruit some people from the area.

Junior, McKenna Stegall was one of the students in attendance and was sold to a college she said she didn’t really know that much about.

Stegall talked to Florida State University, Georgia Southern University, North Georgia, LaGrange and Valdosta. Stegall said she was a little nervous at first to approach the schools just because she doesn’t know that much about college.

Stegall said she was especially impressed by Valdosta. It was a school she had not initially considered, but the representative held a conversation with her and really focused in on what she had questions about, while other schools just gave a general overview.

Senior, Brienne Miller also learned about a school she had never considered before. Miller spoke with the Florida State University representative about attending for nursing. She said after speaking with him and getting the information it seemed like something she would really like to do.

“It is a nice way to get information on the colleges to know what you want before you go there,” she said.

Miller said she plans to now schedule a visit to FSU and see what it has in store for her.

The Probe College Fair will be visiting different areas of Georgia throughout the week, but is happy they had the opportunity to share information with local students and open their eyes to all that is available to them.