2-year-old falls from second story window after mother leaves home

Published 4:32 pm Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Monday evening, BPS officer Maria Bonilla was dispatched to Hutto McIver Apartments in reference to a child falling out of a window.

Bonilla made contact with the complainant Greg Edwards. Edwards said he was walking and saw an upset child lying on the concrete by the porch of the apartment. Edwards told officers he saw that a window was open above the apartment and that the child could not move, so he picked her up and transferred her to the porch. He laid her on a pillow in the same position he found her until first responders arrived.

Bonilla reported observing the toddler lying on her stomach in the fetal position crying. The toddler, although in pain, could not explain where she was hurting, but Bonilla did notice an abrasion on her bottom lip. She asked the little girl to stay put until EMS could arrive.

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Neighbors told Bonilla the father of the child was at work, but the mother’s location was unknown. They also told her that there was another child that could be found inside the house.

Officers breached the front door to gain entry and found a one-year- old unsupervised in a crib. They also found two baggies of marijuana on the den table that were easily accessible.

Officer Christopher Jordan was one of the other officers on scene and reported that the mother left the two children upstairs in a locked bedroom with the window open so they could get some air while she left.

The two-year-old crawled out of the window and fell to the ground.

Jordan said in all the time he has worked at BPS he has never seen this happen before, but the mother did have an extensive criminal history, but nothing ever involving her children.

Officer Ronald McMillan contacted the mother, Tiffany Walker and advised her she was under arrest for cruelty to children, possession of marijuana and reckless conduct.

He then contacted DCFACS, who took the children to a safe place before placing them in the care of another family member.