Potter Street Elementary students explore ambulance, learn about community helpers

Published 4:27 pm Friday, August 24, 2018

Potter Street Elementary kindergarteners were treated to a visit from the paramedics on Thursday while learning about community helpers.

Para professional Shelia Floyd said the kids are learning how community helpers are here to help and what they do to keep the kids safe. They first learned about nurses and received a visit from the school nurse and this week they learned about paramedics and how they can save your life in emergencies. They have additionally learned about mail carriers and will learn about firefighters, police officers and doctors in the coming weeks.

Arden Fuller, a student from Mrs. Hampton’s kindergarten class, said the paramedics taught her about shots and how people hurt their legs. She also said she learned paramedics “take all the blood.” Fuller, along with the other students got to go inside the ambulance and look around.

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“My favorite part was getting to go inside,” Jaida Brown said. “We got to feel the sheets the people lay on.”

Paisley Cook agreed, saying how neat it was to see the stretcher, but they didn’t get to lay down on it; they just got to feel it.

Fuller also liked getting to see the stretcher, but said it was a little scary to imagine being on there.

The girls liked that the paramedics allowed them to ask questions. One of the things they wondered about the most was why the paramedics put gloves on the people’s mouth.

They found out paramedics put the gloves over the mouth in order to keep themselves from getting sick. Cook also wanted to know why paramedics need a captain. When asked what was the reason, she said they just do.

The kids are extremely excited to continue their lesson on community helpers. Fuller can’t wait to meet the police officers.

“Polices get folks that are bad and are stealing money,” she said.

Jeremy Glenn said he is most ready to meet the mailwoman. He said she delivers mail and he hopes to see her mail truck.

Teachers said the community helpers lesson will continue for another two weeks, until they have covered all the helpers and made sure the children know their roles.