Bainbridge, Cairo start new tradition with Wiregrass Cup golf tournament

Published 5:09 pm Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Folks visiting the Tire Creek Country Club in Cairo might wonder why a Bainbridge football helmet is on display in the pro shop for the next year.

Thank Bainbridge Country Club’s Wiregrass Cup championship golf team.

Starting this year, golfers in Bainbridge and Cairo will play in a Ryder Cup-style event the weekend before the Bearcat-Syrupmaker rivalry game. The winner of the tournament gets to put their team’s helmet in the other’s pro shop until the next year’s event.

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“These Ryder Cup style events always are some of the most enjoyable events of the year at most clubs,” said Rob McRae, captain of the BCC team. “Having a team and community pride to play for adds some extra pressure and competition that you don’t get at your normal weekend golf tournaments.”

Teams played both team and individual formats between Tired Creek and Bainbridge Country Club. Formats included a two-man scramble, two-man modified alternate shot and singles, all of which were match play. Each team featured 24 players, and each match was worth a point.

Bainbridge took home the trophy with a final score of 25.5-22.5.

“This event was a great success,” said BCC pro George Ball. “It’s always fun to have a friendly competition and great fellowship on the golf course. I feel that our club is moving in a very positive direction and it was nice to be able to showcase all the hard work our staff has put in to get the course in great condition.”

Ball added he was going to Disney World to celebrate Bainbridge’s win.

Bainbridge and Cairo will continue this new tradition next year, swapping who hosts the first and second days of the tournament.

“I was proud of the way our club responded to this event in its first year and think it will be a staple on the calendar moving forward,” said McRae. “I’m also excited to try and keep the Wiregrass Cup in our trophy case and that Bearcats helmet on display in Cairo for years to come. Go Bearcats!”

The Bainbridge football team plays Cairo this Friday at 7:30 p.m.