Youth Leadership shapes next generation of leaders

Published 4:54 pm Tuesday, August 14, 2018

First Port City Bank Youth Leadership Class has kicked off the new school year with 24 sophomores and juniors from Grace Christian Academy and Bainbridge High School.

This year the Chamber of Commerce opened up the nominations to the community and accepted applications, but for all the students who applied they conducted a one-on-one interview with them, before making a final decision.

The 24 students had their kickoff retreat on August 3, where they explored their leadership styles.

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Michael Kirkland from ABAC at Bainbridge was a guest at the retreat and did an exercise with the class called STAR Power. The exercise helped each individual discover his or her strengths and weaknesses. Adrienne Harrison from the Chamber said it also taught them how to work together.

“You need others to make something work,” she said. “You can’t be an island floating on your own.”

The students will have different lessons throughout the year. First Port City Bank will come in to teach them about personal finance and Jessica Allen from the Refinery will teach them the importance of servant leadership.

The kids will also have the opportunity to visit Bainbridge Public Safety and do a community and agriculture tour, before being the guest at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

The leadership class is also hosting a new class that will focus on rural Georgia. Scott Purvis will be the guest speaker and will talk to the students about the draw for rural towns and get their input on what would bring industry to Bainbridge and how they can be a driving force behind that.

One of the long-term projects for the semester will be part of the project leadership class the students have to take.

During the kickoff retreat, the students identified four issues Bainbridge faces. The top four issues they chose were workforce, poverty, beautification and literacy development.

The students are divided into four groups to better study the issues. They then create a presentation to show the class and a service project they would do if their issue were chosen. After all presentations, the class votes on what issue they want to tackle.

They will work on the chosen service project until late January or early February.

Hill is excited to see all these young kids so passionate about what is going on in their community and cannot wait to see the presentations and projects they decide for the year.