Rotarians learn the importance of setting and keeping goals

Published 4:37 pm Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Bainbridge Rotary entertained several members from neighboring Rotary Clubs (Thomasville, Cairo, Camilla and Tallahassee) on Tuesday. They came to help welcome the speaker, David Stovall. Stovall is one of 17 members of the Rotary International Board of Directors. He makes his home in Gainesville where he is a commercial Real Estate Broker.

His basic message to the local club members is to “toot your own horn.”

He said he knows that Bainbridge Rotary is doing some good projects; but he doubts the general public knows about them. He encouraged the club to take on more local projects, indicating funding can be obtained through Rotary Foundation grants. He said $133 per capita was given to the Foundation last year and that the club should think of tapping into it to fund some of their charitable acts.

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He encouraged the club to set goals and gave personal experience of when he was District Governor. He set a goal to have 3100 members by the end of his year, and the goal was achieved.

Unfortunately, he refers to club membership as a revolving door. “New members are coming in; but if they are not getting involved during the first two years of their membership, that is when you lose them.” He encouraged the continued development of student Interact and Roteract clubs.

He then read a humorous “Rotary prescription” written by one of his fellow board of directors, Jeffrey Cadorette of Media, Pa.

It seems Cadorette was bored on a plane ride and began reading a prescription message for one of his medications. After reading all the warnings he decided not to take the med and instead wrote his Rotary prescription, substituting Rotary membership as a cure for what ails you.

Some of the segments were: “Have you been feeling the urge to serve?” and “Do you get frustrated when you read the news?” The prescribed medicine is to join Rotary.

Continuing with instructions, “It can be taken with meals and must be taken consistently. It was once thought to be dangerous if taken by women, but it has now been found to be more beneficial to women.” It concludes with the warning that if your urge to serve lasts longer than four years, seek help.”