BPS cracks down on drugs over weekend

Published 4:56 pm Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Bainbridge Public Safety had a busy weekend, making two drug-related arrests Friday and Sunday.

Friday night Sgt. Toby Miller was patrolling Bethel Road when he observed a vehicle with no lighting equipment. Miller pulled the car over in the King West Apartment Complex, where driver Sandra Taylor quickly exited.

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Miller asked Taylor for her license. Taylor had passenger, Charles Smith pass it to her and stand outside the vehicle with her. While attempting to get it out of his pocket, Miller noticed Smith’s torn cigarillo pack.

Miller knew these packs were common for transporting illegal narcotics.

Miller asked Smith what was in his pocket. Smith removed the pack, where some loose marijuana was at the top of one of the cigarillos. Miller placed Smith under arrest and asked if he had anything else on his person, which is when he identified a clear zip-lock baggy containing a white powdery substance fall from Smith’s right hand.

The substance was tested and confirmed for cocaine. Smith was arrested for possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana and possession of drug related objects. At the time of his arrest, no bond was reported.

On Sunday, BPS officer Jamie Marshburn received a call about an accident that occurred at the intersection of Dothan Road and Highway 27. While on route to the accident, Marshburn was informed by Deputy Raymond Day that one of the drivers attempted to leave the scene and he was following him.

The driver, Lemein Miller was intoxicated and had several open containers in his vehicle. Marshburn arrived on scene to help Day and saw a bottle of Seagrams three-fourths empty.

Marshburn also noticed a baggie of marijuana by the emergency brake lever and a second baggie of marijuana under the passenger seat. While looking in the glove box, Marshburn found a ball of tin foil with a white granular substance inside of it. A field test proved positive for the granular substance being methamphetamines.

L. Miller was arrested and issued citations for DUI, possession of marijuana, open container, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, possession of methamphetamines and improper lane change.