Grady EMC group protests buyout

Published 4:15 pm Friday, August 10, 2018

Take back our Grady EMC Group protested the $1 million buyout of President and CEO, Bo Rosser and his assistant, Pat Reed’s contract Friday morning at Southern Regional Technical College.

Although buyouts from the company are typically unheard of the group insists Rosser and his family have caused more than 40 years of corruption and thievery from the inside of Grady EMC. Protestors are hoping the buyout is successful and they can put an end to the corruption that has been commonplace for too long.

The Rossers have been in the position of President since 1938. Rosser Sr. was first hired in 1938, his son Tommy Rosser then took the position 40 years later and now his grandson, Bo Rosser is president.

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One of the issues the group brings up is this line of succession. Each year the Rossers would sign an agreement with the IRS saying there would be no nepotism, but the group does not understand how they could say that, when they have only hired their own blood for decades.

Grady EMC is not the only company struggling with mismanagement of funds and power. Cobb EMC recently charged their President and CEO with 34 counts under the RICO Act. However, Rosser cannot face these charges if the buyout is successful. During the meeting, one of the stipulations is he, along with board members and assistants who knew of any wrongful doing cannot be charged.

Protesters say there has been proof that Rosser’s father hired a mechanic and paid him $37 an hour to buy high end sports car that had been wrecked and bring them back and use the parts that Grady EMC was paying for to fix them for Rosser.

The mechanic has already given his deposition and admitted to this, according to EMC members Ron Ellis and Johnny Moore.

Moore and Ellis hope Friday’s meeting will put an end to Rosser’s leadership, but more than anything they just want to see Grady EMC be directed by a group of honest men again and restore the organization’s original intention.