Fireman Jamie Earp talks about methods for saving lives at Bainbridge Lions Club

Published 4:27 pm Friday, August 10, 2018

Jamie Earp, an emergency medical technician and member of the Decatur County Fire and Rescue team, updated the Bainbridge Lions Club Wednesday on the Hartford Consensus which consecrates on improving survival in active shooter situations.

“To ensure your safety, you should first look for life-threatening bleeding,” Earp said.

“When you first identify the wound, you should check to see if a trauma first aid kit is available. If it is you should identify where it is. It might be in the arm, leg, neck, shoulder, groin or some other area.”

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Following the wound identification, Earp said that you should first pack it with any gauze or clean cloth.

“Compressing the zones delivers care to injured victims more rapidly and facilitates earlier hemorrhage control,” he said. “Teachers and school administrators should be aware of what to do if their students are having health problems. With all of the school shootings at Columbine and other high schools, being aware and knowing what to do can save lives.”

Earp concluded his remarks by pointing out that by compressing the injured zones with hot or warn compresses can often prevent injured body parts from becoming more serious.

“Memorial Hospital and Manor and local doctors and health providers do a good job of taking care of our health needs,” he said.