BPS cracks down on three meth offenders

Published 4:13 pm Friday, August 10, 2018

Bainbridge Public Safety has been hard at work this week, arresting three for possession of methamphetamines.

Morgan Wade, 28, and Nakita Carter, 35 were arrested Tuesday after officers were dispatched to Hutto McGiver Apartments in reference to shots being fired. While trying to gather information about the case, officers observed a group of people in the corner of the parking lot.

Officer Christopher Prindle approached the subjects, where one of them identified themselves as Jerome Carter Jr. Prindle knew the suspect was lying about his name and asked him further questions about the shots fired. Carter attempted to drive away, frustrated by the questioning but complied with Prindle asking him to shut off the vehicle.

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While speaking with Carter, Wade exited the apartments and approached the car. Prindle spoke with Wade, who told the officers Carter was nervous because he did not have a valid license on him. Carter was placed under arrest and officers asked Wade’s permission to search the car, which she consented.

During the search, Prindle noticed a small baggy tied into a knot in Wade’s purse. The baggy contained crystalline substances and he also found an eyeglass case with a green pipe, a piece of copper wire, a small straw and a Jeweler baggy.

Wade was taken into custody, where they also found 2.29 grams of marijuana on her person.

Although the methamphetamines were found in Wade’s purse, she claimed she did not know who they belonged to. Carter insisted they were his and asked if he could take responsibility for the whole thing, which Prindle said he could not agree to.

Both were arrested for possession of methamphetamines and possession of drug related objects.

Nicole Weyman, 34, was arrested Thursday for possession of methamphetamines as well.

BPS had received a call about suspicious activity after a customer had purchased a large amount of drain cleaner, returned to the vehicle and took the label off. Officers began to look into the matter and came in contact with Elizabeth Hoskins. While talking to Hoskins they also had a conversation with Weyman.

Weyman had warrants in three different states for her arrest. As officers asked her to exit the vehicle, they noticed her attempt to grab something with her right hand.

They asked her what she was attempting to conceal, but she would not show them. After a brief struggle, Weyman was found to have a piece of plastic that contained methamphetamine.

She was placed under arrest at that time with no bond reported.