Churches join together to present drama “Treasured”

Published 5:03 pm Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Morningside Baptist Church has partnered with Climax Baptist Church to present a Judgement House original walk-through drama, “Treasured.”

Judgement House began last year with a drama that presents the truth of people’s choices versus the consequences of those decisions in both this life and the next.

However, this year the drama is new and focuses on a lot of different issues people are facing every day. It will cover family issues, bullying, suicide, depression, Christians who claim to be followers, but don’t portray themselves as followers in public and tragic young death.

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Pastor Jimmy Dean from Morningside Baptist Church and Pastor Steve Poppell from Climax Baptist Church said they spent a lot of time praying over which script to use and they felt this theme can truly relate to everyone.

“It has the ability to impact Christians and non-Christians,” they agreed.

Climax Baptist Church is excited to have a role in this year’s production. Last year two or three families were involved in helping and praying over the success, but this year Pastor Poppell wanted everyone to be a part of this effort to lead people to Christ.

“Pastor Dean and I have the same kindred spirit, both of us have a desire to help people know Christ as their Lord and Savior,” Pastor Poppell said. “We have an Evangelistic heart that works well together and we want to make an impact in other’s lives.”

Both Pastors have encouraged their churches to get involved, and even if someone doesn’t feel comfortable going door to door to tell people about Judgement House, they asked everyone to invite a friend, because spreading the word is what Evangelism is all about.

Not only are more people involved this year, but Pastor Dean believes there will be more people who attend. Last year, people went through the scenes and told their families and friends about it and returned to go through it again. This year since people already know what to expect, he hopes they will show up with an entourage in tow.

The church began accepting reservations for parties of five or more on August 1, and already have 300 reservations, Pastor Dean said.

For people who are curious about what to expect, the pastors didn’t want to give everything away, but said groups of no more than 25 will go through the drama and after for people who have questions, they can learn how they can come to know Christ and talk to counselors for spiritual advice.

Pastor Poppell believes this year will be especially beneficial for the younger generation.

“Our generation is searching for peace and has tried everything available to them, but they will see through this, the only answer is Christ,” he said.

Both pastors are asking all Christians to be in prayer for the lives that will be touched by Jesus Christ during this time.

Judgement House will begin Wednesday, September 12 at Old West Bainbridge Middle School on 1417 Dothan Road. Performances will run from 6-9 p.m on Wednesdays and 4-8 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. The final production will be Saturday, September 29. For reservations call 229-254-7110.