Feeling pampered

Published 3:15 pm Friday, August 3, 2018

recently experienced another first in my life. I had my first professional facial treatment.

This is not something I have ever concerned myself about. For years I have performed the routine cleansing and usage of emollient night creams and plucked out the most obvious facial hairs. I figured that was probably as good as it would get at my stage in life.

Apparently, a friend thought otherwise. A couple of months ago I was presented with a gift certificate to Skin Care by Jennifer. My first thought was why do I need this? But another friend who learned of the gift encouraged me to go get it. And, I am glad she did.

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For one hour I was pampered with oils and warm towels draped over my face in between the exfoliation of facial hair and blemishes. Then I received a massage of my neck, shoulders and arms. It was all so very relaxing while I began to get acquainted with Jennifer. We exchanged work and family information and I was amazed at how her business has grown and all the different treatments she has added since she has come to Bainbridge.

If someone is thinking of getting a facial treatment, I can highly recommend it; if only for the experience. But if you do, don’t plan on going anywhere but straight home afterwards. I had been warned about that, but unfortunately I had to attend a meeting at work right after I left Jennifer’s. I guess they saw the real me, and not the façade created by makeup and perfectly styled hair.

The best part for me was the relief of tension in my jaw and neck and a feeling of total relaxation. That, and getting rid of all the facial hair.