A Comedy Evening- A Rehearsal heads to the BLT stage

Published 3:38 pm Friday, August 3, 2018

Theatre buffs all know what a unique actor Henry Intili is. He always plays out his character roles with quiet humor and finesse.

Now he has used that same quirky humor to write a play, or maybe it is three plays, with several skits interspersed. Who knows? At any rate, it promises to be a crazy, funny production.

“A Comedy Evening—A Rehearsal” will be portrayed on the BLT stage August 17 and 18. It will feature veteran actors from the local theatre, although he makes it clear that it is not a Bainbridge Little Theatre production. They are just using their stage—and a few of their best actors.

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As I understand it, the gist of the whole play is that it is actually in a rehearsal format. The actors do not have to memorize their parts, as they are carrying and reading from their scripts, but they are prone to a certain amount of liberty to ad lib and there will be audience participation. It sounds like a lot of comic chaos, and that is just what Intili is promising.

The evening cast lists Eric Gay as the director of the play, with Ida Cooksey playing the stage manager, as well as Fifi the dog. Martha Mobley gets into the fun being in charge of the props. Kier Klepzig plays Jack Salvatore, the King, and Tom Sheehan takes on Sarlon Francois. Other familiar faces are Kaye Buckhaulter, Hugh McStay, Krysti Ramer, Megan Wimberly and the role of Harold, the Author is naturally played by Henry Intili.

The best explanation I received about the plot was that it involved two families who are neighbors.

Asked about his inspiration for such an irregular format, he replied that when he and his wife Barbara were in London they saw a “rehearsal play” and it was non-stop laughter. That is when he came home and wrote his own two short plays. The first is titled “The Hippie” and the second is “The First Arrow.” But like I said, there are short skits in between—and it is all in rehearsal.

There is a $10 fee and all proceeds will go to benefit Supporting Hands of Decatur County, an organization formed by Billy Ward to assist organizations in their fundraising events.

Eric Gay is sponsoring the event while adding to the mix. Curtain time is 7:30 both evenings.