Parent brings up Bainbridge’s history of African-American coaches at last week’s Board of Education meeting

Published 4:28 pm Friday, July 27, 2018

During this month’s Board of Education meeting, Ricky Shepard addressed the Board and questioned why no sports team in the history of Bainbridge has never had an African American coach.

Shepard assured the Board he was not knocking the school system in any way. He had already previously discussed this concern with Superintendent Tim Cochran, but wanted to address it with others as well.

Shepard has had three children play under Coach Christmas, Coach Guy and Coach Wood and has nothing but respect for the athletic program, however he is hoping that there can be a mandate to hire someone of African American descent.

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African Americans make up half the population at Bainbridge High School and over 60 percent of Decatur County. He thinks it is only fair to have someone represent his or her population.

Shepard pointed out that sports such as, basketball and football have predominantly African American players and they pour a lot of money into sports, so the school should strongly consider mandating that the African American community have some type of representation in the coaching department.

Shepard will continue to support the Bearcats, he simply asked the Board to take this into consideration next time they are hiring a coach.