Building a world imagined in color

Published 4:11 pm Friday, July 27, 2018

Thursday afternoon Legos and more returned to the library with hundreds of building pieces for everyone to play with.

Marketing and programming librarian, Luke Brown, said the library used to host Legos and more but they haven’t had it in a couple of years. They now are trying to get it back going. Brown said it helps kids build tactile skills and lets them work together on one project.

Baylor Johnson was one of the kids in attendance and he was working on building a farmhouse with two rooms inside of it. Johnson said he has Legos at home and he likes to organize them in bins. When he’s playing with his Legos at home, he likes to build with his dad. His favorite thing he built with him was a truck. He said he built a small little trailer for the truck and his dad helped with the rest of it. His dad then explained that these types of trucks carry flatbed trailers, so that is what he likes to work on now.

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Johnson isn’t the only one who loves to make trucks and cars with his Legos. Daniel Thompson, 8, said he used to have Legos at home, but he took them to his grandma’s farm. When he’s there, he likes to make cars from the blocks, but he has also built a house before so the cars have somewhere to drive to.

Blake Cleveland, who was participating in building yesterday, could be found making a car, complete with a driver and a steering wheel. He said he doesn’t have Legos at home, but he has practiced making stuff with his sister’s Minecraft Legos.

Some kids, like George Myers just became interested in Legos, but now they can’t get enough. Myers’ mother said George was playing with his older cousins and became interested in what they were making. Now he has a set of all his own, where he can build houses, trains and train tracks.

The sky is the limit at Legos and more at the library. They offer books for the kids to take home that show all the different creations they can make and how to make them. Children who weren’t able to participate this week, can check the library website for the next available date that they will host Legos and more.