Rotary Club shows off their gaming skills during Jeopardy

Published 5:47 pm Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Rotary Club members enjoyed a bit of a takeoff of a popular game show at Tuesday’s meeting. Candice Eubanks, assistant governor of Rotary District 6900, and a member of the Cairo Rotary Club, was in charge of the program.

She presented the game of Rotary Jeopardy. She had assigned each table a number. Then categories were shown on the screen, along with the various monetary values. Categories were We Were First, It’s our Foundation, Events, Locations and Polio. As Rotarians chose a category and the amount of money, an answer was printed on the screen. Rotarians then had to give the proper question response in order to accumulate the amount indicated.

It was a competition between the several tables and the Answers/Questions amounted to a history lesson about Rotary.

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For instance, if Table One chose the Locations category for $600, the answer that appeared on the screen was Winnipeg 1910, and the appropriate question was the first Rotary Club formed out of the United States.

Under the category Events, the answer was “1989. It was about time.” The appropriate question was when was the first woman allowed to join Rotary.

As multiple categories were chosen the amounts won by each table were recorded by Ed Robinson, another Rotarian from the Cairo Club, who accompanied Eubanks to keep score. At the end of the game, Table One was declared the winner by $600. No cash exchanged hands as it was all for play.