GEAR UP Georgia is heating up for the summer

Published 5:51 pm Tuesday, July 24, 2018

ABAC at Bainbridge hosted a three day GEAR UP Georgia Summer Academy during the month of June. The Summer Academy focused on leadership development and was conducted by Seeds Training from San Diego, California. Seeds is a unique organization that is partnered with GEAR UP Georgia to help formulate more academic scholars, and inspire kids to chase their dreams in a safe space. Seeds generously provides parent training as well as teacher training to better assist children. The trainers encourage parents to attend student trainings to better understand what their kids are learning to develop, and to help the children apply the lessons at home. Dawn Harrison coordinated the Summer Academy with help from her GEAR UP Georgia team. The training was definitely high in energy and packed with fun!

Those students that attended the Summer Academy were there by choice. They wanted to get a jumpstart on securing leadership experience under their belts. I asked some of the kids how they felt about working with Dawn and the Seeds trainers that she brought to ABAC at Bainbridge. Each student gushed with joy. They loved the activities and once the ice was broken, they were really engaged in the lessons. A student from Thomas County Central High School said, “I want to be able to reach my goals and not have others try and make them for me. I am here because I want to learn to lead myself first.” She surely showcased an ability to do so, as did the rest of the students.

Ms. Harrison received a number of compliments on her own leadership skills. The energetic trainers boasted with glee at her participation. As they noted, most coordinators would be along the sidelines; instead, Dawn participated in each and every activity, and the kids truly appreciated her tireless spirit. Team leaders (ABAC at Bainbridge student staff) were required to undergo training before working with academy attendants, wherein Ms. Harrison was again present. She reiterated to us what the Seeds trainers communicated as vital to the youngsters’ camp experience, and she demonstrated effortlessly what it means to be a leader!

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During the last afternoon of the academy, parents and students as well as school chaperones were given a tour of the ABAC at Bainbridge campus.  Parents, students and school chaperones were introduced to both transfer and technical components during the tour. 

Is your child a GEAR UP Georgia Grady County 9th grade or Thomas County Central 10th grade student? Join us in August for even more fun!