Hospital Board appoints new member, reviews financials for month

Published 2:58 pm Friday, July 20, 2018

Tuesday afternoon, July 17, Memorial Hospital and Manor board members voted to reappoint Marvalynn Carroll as a county representative to the board, and chose Elizabeth Simmons as a newly appointed board member representing the City. She fills the vacancy created by the retirement of Charles Tyson.

In addition, the board voted to keep the current officers, based on the recommendation of the nominating committee. They are: Glennie Bench, Chair; Donald Barber, Vice-Chair; Rusty Davis, Treasurer and Marvalynn Carroll as Secretary.

The June financial key indicators were reviewed in great detail, with basic information being that in June there were 134 admissions, with an average daily census of 22; 25 inpatient surgeries were performed and 127 outpatient cases; while 1,164 patients were seen in the Emergency Department. All of this information is compared to the prior year, as well as to the projected budget for each category. A net loss of  $198,721 was reported for June, while attention was given to additional sources of income that have been initiated. These include income realized from donations to the Georgia Heart program, and from the outside lab work services.

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The Board welcomed Lauren Harrell, newly hired director of community outreach, a position that includes overseeing the development and reporting on the local Georgia Heart program. It is a law that permits business and individuals to donate to rural hospitals the amount they would pay in income tax to the State of Georgia, and receive a tax credit. She presented a recap of the program for 2017 and 2018. In 2017 there were 45 donors and one charitable contribution for a total of $274,500. For 2018 the number is $886,378. She cited figures in 2018, showing 35 percent of the donors were in Decatur County, while 65 percent were outside the county, with 60 percent of the contributions being undesignated. Harrell spoke on how she plans to capture more of that 60 percent. More information will be provided on this subject in future news articles.

CEO Jim Lambert presented his report for the month that covered several growth subjects. They included an update on the development of the Wound Care Center that will be located in the former urology building. There is now a signed contract with Healogics, and it should take approximately 150 days to renovate the building, hire staff and work through all of the processes.

An update was given on the Orthopedics program, with Dr. Zirgibel, Dr. Jaggears and Dr. Borom, all coming to Bainbridge Memorial to perform surgeries on Wednesdays. So far the volume is good and physicians have all been pleased with support they have received in the OR and on the floors.

Physician Recruitment is ongoing, with a family practice physician scheduled to visit Bainbridge sometime in August. New physician Dr. Friedman started practice in OB/GYN this week and Dr. Robinson will be going to part-time gynecological practice effective August 1, with plans to formally retire at the end of January, 2019.

Under new services and construction, Lambert told of having a proposal to replace the 2007 Mobile Siemens MRI system. They are looking at an additional vendor.

Studies are ongoing on redesigning the Emergency Department, cost of which is funded by the RHSO grant.

The owner of the recently closed Howard Johnson Hotel has offered to donate any furnishings or equipment the hospital or manor can use, and a number of the items are now under consideration.

Lambert reported on the status of eight grants. A CIDC project grant from Two Georgias has been awarded and begun July 2. Notice was received that the RHSO grant will not continue after this year. A Mental Heath grant has been submitted and is pending, as is a grant for Palliative Care. A Senior Citizen grant, as well as a revolving loan program with the City were not awarded.