Former Bearcat pursuing football coaching dreams at Langston University

Published 4:16 pm Friday, July 20, 2018

While playing football for Savannah State University the past four years, former Bainbridge player Chris Johnson has seen a good bit of the country.

He’s traveled to Utah, Montana and Louisiana. But he’s never been to Oklahoma. That all changed Friday when he left to become a graduate assistant at Langston University in Langston, Oklahoma, where he’ll coach tight ends and special teams.

Johnson said he became curious about coaching when talking to Bainbridge head coach Jeff Littleton back when he was a Bearcat. The idea stuck with him all through college. While playing at Savannah State, his weight trainer introduced him to Langston. Later, a graduate assistant position opened up, and it timed up perfectly with Johnson’s graduation in May.

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“It’ll be good being in a championship atmosphere and understanding how those coaches prepare their players,” said Johnson.

Johnson played tight end and on special teams at Savannah State, and while he never scored any touchdowns, he said he put a lot of people on their backs. Playing college football opened Johnson’s eyes to what it takes to be successful at that level, and he wants to learn all he can to one day lead a team of his own.

“Head coach would be great,” said Johnson. “I love college football. But I really want to coach at the high school level. That’s where you get those guys just on the other side of puberty. They are still growing into a man, and that’s where you have to mold them. Once they get to college, they have to be a man.”

Johnson also sees coaching as a way to better himself in addition to bettering his players.

Johnson looks forward to getting to know the players he’s coaching closely. Becoming a family makes working together on a team feel natural, he said.

“You want to work hard for your family,” said Johnson. “You want to play your hardest for your family.”

Johnson graduated on May 5 with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.