Kids get creative at Firehouse summer art camp

Published 4:01 pm Friday, July 13, 2018

This past week kids flocked to the Firehouse Arts Center to participate in their creative arts summer camp.

New Firehouse Arts Director, Mike Inlow, had his friend and fellow art teacher Lynn Davis of Cairo come in to help teach the kids about different types of mediums and famous artists from over the years.

Davis said she really focused on letting the kids do a variety of subjects in their artwork and base projects on artist.

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Some of the art she helped students create was a beach scene in both acrylic and watercolor, a still life painting of a vase of flowers, an apron decorated in paint, rocks with inspirational quotes to hide in Willis Park, the Starry Night painting by Vincent Van Gogh and a group mural of poppies.

Not only did the students have access to all of these amazing projects, they also took a field trip to the museum to see famous artwork in person and got a visit from guest artist, Scott Easom of Cairo.

Students Sydni Avery and Madelyn Ard really enjoyed the variety of work they were able to do. Both girls said at school they have access to color sheets and making stained glass sometimes, but it was fun to work with paint.

“My favorite thing we got to do was the watercolor painting,” Avery said. “I learned that you could use salt to help spread your painting out.”

Ard agreed saying what a cool technique that was to learn, but that her favorite project was the acrylic beach scene they did.

Other students, Bryce Hatcher and Kacy Kearns really enjoyed the still life painting they got to paint. Kearns was surprised to learn he could draw out the flowers and beach scene without references. He said he never thought he would be able to do that.

Hatcher also was surprised by something she learned.

“Watercolor is harder than it looks,” she said. “You have to mix all the colors together to make it look pretty.”

Overall, the students were happy with the work and couldn’t wait to take it home and show their parents.

Kids who missed the first week of art camp still have a chance to participate in the second week during July 16-20.